About me


Training as a post-partum doula (Mütterpflegerin) at the German Institute for Birth Preparation (GFG Berlin - Gesellschaft für Geburtsvorbereitung) 



Training as a maternity concierge & Baby Planner, at maternita Berlin.



Set-up of the French-german Kita Kitanelle Coccinelle, Berlin.


2010 & 2015

Birth of my children

My values

  • My family comes first, that's why I'm not available 24/7 like a real concierge but when needed, I am incredibly efficient and resilient thanks to a great talent for organisation
  • Every life path is unique, I want to be there to explain the possible options to my clients, without judgement but offering a safe and reassuring space for them
  • My time and my advice bring a great value to my clients, and this value earns me a living. Although my work is sometimes difficult to quantify, I have to be clear on what is included and what costs extra. That's the only way to be fair to all of my clients. 

My clients

  • I deeply respect all of my clients, their life experiences and their choices. I follow a strict confidentiality rule when it comes to their private life. I consider it a privilege to be invited in their private lives and follow a strict confidentiality rule. 
  • All nationalities, religions, professions or sexual orientations are welcome. 
  • My clients often come to me when a new situation like pregnancy or birth have shaken them up. They feel lost and anxious.
  • The families I help then leave my office calm and reassured, with a clear vision of what is awaiting them and how to embrace it. 

My inspirations