paperwork after birth

Yayy baby is finally here! And with this little bundle comes a tsunami of questions related to the benefits available in Germany. Will I be entitled to Elterngeld as a freelancer? I worked abroad before the birth, will this be taken into account to calculate Elterngeld? How much Elternzeit should I take and how should I split it? So many questions, so many options and opportunities. 


After having helped many families navigate the German administrative jungle, I am here to guide and help you to make the best decisions for your individual situation. A tailored support will enable you to receive as many benefits as possible and to send your application on time. 


  • Support with filling in the application forms
  • List of supporting documents required
  • Correspondance if needed with the Familienkasse 



From 120€


  • Consultation to determine the best available option according to your individual professional situation
  • Support with filling in the application forms
  • List of supporting documents required
  • Correspondance if needed with the Elterngeldstelle 

From 149€

In cooperation with

"Elodie is great! As a freelancer and foreigner from outside of the EU, we had a complicated case to deal with for acquiring Elterngeld. Baby in Berlin really helped us out when we thought we had no other options. We are very grateful for their support and highly recommend their services."


"German bureaucracy is never easy to figure out, so I was delighted with the help I got with my Elterngeld application! Elodie is reliable, always quick to respond and made the whole application process really easy. I would definitely recommend this service!"

Shelly, mother of Nova

Other services

If you need someone to do some research, write an email or make a call for you, you can choose my à la carte services, all billable on a pay-as-you-use basis. 


Email / phone services: do you need someone to draft an email for you in German for the health insurance? You need to send a letter to your child's school? You need to make an appointment at a notary for a father declaration? I can take care of this for you! Not only can I write or call for you, I can also guide you in most situations according to my experience. 



Appointment accompaniement and onsite translation: (only available in Berlin): do you need to go to the Kitagutscheinstelle to get a Kitagutschein for your child? Or to the Elterngeldstelle to discuss your application? I can accompany you and translate there and then for you. Please note I am not a court-appointed translator and cannot as such translate documents. 


"Elodie was always available, reactive and supportive when we call for her services (Elterngeld claim). Even if our case was quite complex, she managed it successfully with great professionalism."
Jérémie, father of Gabriel

"Although I am pretty experienced in German bureaucracy matters, my Elterngeld thing was a bit tricky and also - who wants to be buried under all these papers when you have a newborn and don’t have time? Elodie guided me through all the difficulties like an angel, being quick, efficient and - most of all - supportive. Thank you, I cannot but recommend your services that saved me hours and sanity."

Natalie, mother of Boris